United Methodist Church of Lenox
Saturday, May 25, 2019
Open hearts, Open minds, Open doors.
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Our History

For more information about the beginning of the Methodist faith in Lenox and the surrounding area  click on the link.
Following are the three streams of worship and history that converged to create the river of faith that is the
United Methodist Church of Lenox: 1989
 The First Methodist Episcopal Church of Lee (1840-1984)
 Grace Methodist Episcopal Church of Lenox Dale (1872-1986)
 Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church of Pittsfield (1900-1989)
Each of these churches came to life because of the strong faith and hard work of people who were dedicated to the Word of God.  Each church has a long and vibrant history of the people of faith who would gather together to pray and sing, to study the Bible; to baptize, marry and bury family members and friends.  We offer our prayers of thanksgiving for our rich heritage, for these living streams of history which have lifted us up and carried us closer to the Kingdom of God.
Today, the congregation has come together from three into one.  This was a new beginning for everyone, a new start.  Items were brought from the three churches to decorate the new church.  With a new building and the same old spirit, the United Methodist Church of Lenox was born.